Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Diamante poem

This is a diamante poem about "ice cream"

Ice cream
cold       delicious
slurp         lick            eat
chocolate vanilla strawberry mint
taste       melt       drip
sweet     creamy

Friday, January 10, 2014


Hello My name is Lee Ki-moon. And for no confusion, Lee is my family name and Ki-moon is my last name. Or you can call me by my English name; Adelaide. On this blog I would like to post about a variety of different topics.

On this post, I will introduce three facts about me. If I say 8, 5 and Everdeen, do you get any ideas about them? Probably not...
First of all, 8. It is related to my age, but not quite directly. I was 8 when I first went to a foreign country, or actually foreign countries. I went to Europe in the summer of my first grade. The four countries were Sweden, Denmark, Norway and England. The number 8 can mean another fact about me. I have went to 8 foreign countries, the four Europe countries, Japan, China, New Zealand and Australia.
Secondly, the number 5. I have 5 knives for my own self, because I really like swords and other kind of blades. One of my bucket list is to keep a big collection of swords and knives.
Lastly, "Everdeen". Some would know the meaning right away, while other won't have an idea at all. Everdeen is the family name of the main character of a book series, "The Hunger Games" triology. The Hunger Games is the most recent fantasy series of books and movies added to my favorite series list. This also led me to another celebrity I began to like; Jennifer Lawrence.
So those were my 3 facts, I traveled for the first time in a foreign country when I was 8, I have 5 knives, and I love The Hunger Games triology.